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What exactly do we do? Integrated online.

We integrate all advertising channels with online. So your message gets close enough to your customers to touch their heart. There we create a bond to your brand. And let it grow.


Our speciality? Advanced digital.

To attract all the possible attention to your message. We are focused on advanced digital technologies. Video websites, augmented reality or body controlled sites for example. We are constantly living a few years ahead. But it takes a thought to keep it simple and touching.


How do we do it?
Rethink everything.

You think you need a banner? We would like to think again. Does it match your goals? Is it effective? You can expect this kind of attitude for every task we will be assigned to. We think for you. Because it is a matter of good taste not to let our clients to make mistakes.


Who we are? Transdiscursive team.

Yes, and we are proud about it. Because that's where it starts to be interesting. A melting pot of brains coming from different backgrounds. The core Mustard team consists of people from all branches involved in creating advanced digital communication.

Communication. Production. Programming. Creation.


What makes us so different?

We will never bring you an empty list of channels that could be filled (facebook, blogs, twitter). We are strict about bringing Ideas. We also believe online deserves an ATL attention. And this is how we create our “internets” (You have 3 seconds to work your magic or die). Regarding a high complexity of some approaches we are ready for a step by step approval process.